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Hey, big game hunters, you need to check out the NEW Lonestar Bowie!

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Thank you for visiting Davis Custom Knives at our web site,

Davis Custom Knives is here to help you please your frontier spirit. All of our specialty knives are of TOP QUALITY and will make you proud to wear them anywhere you may journey. 

Each knife comes with a genuine, three-layered, cowhide sheath with bolsters and safety rivets (brass or stainless steel) to satisfy the eye and pocketbook.

Our Knives - High Quality Craftsmanship
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Apache Hunter NEW!

An excellent deer sized knife to please anyone's sense of the right tool for the right job.

Medium Blades

Kodiak Skinner NEW!

Arapaho Skinner  NEW!

Large Blades
Lonestar Bowie NEW!

With a strong, solid blade like the Texas Bowie, this blade also sports a serrated edge!

Customize Your Knife and Optional Accessories
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