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What Customers Say About

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Customer Testimonials From Email We Have Received

We wanted you to know that when you care about the quality of your work, people notice, and some will actually let you know that they appreciate your effort!  This page isn't meant to glorify me, but to Glorify the Lord Jesus Christ for giving me the abilities to do the work I do, and to give me the Love through Jesus that motivates me to make people very happy with what I produce!

You know how it is when people send email.  A shorter time spent writing is more of a priority than the proper use of the English language. No big deal, except that my webmaster has taken the liberty to edit [his additions or deletions are in this color] the content from the emails, only to make grammatical, punctuation and spelling corrections, in the effort to make the content relevant and more easily read. 

Again, the Mighty Lord Jesus is responsible for everything that I do, and I wish to give Him all the credit for the results of the talents I have on loan from the Almighty Creator.  Thus, here I share with you the resulting happiness in which I strive to provide to my customers!


I received the knife on Christmas Eve. It looks great! 

Thank you, 

Ashley T.

Good morning Dave,

That is a great looking knife. You do awesome work. Had our banquet last night. The knife went for $250.00 I think. I was disappointed! People just didn't spend much last night.
...  Well, we did make some money. Well god bless your day today, talk to you later.

In Christ


... I received the knife on Friday afternoon. It was amazing. God truly blessed you with talent. Bob was very impressed. Thank you again, and I am sure we will be buying another knife from you in the future!


Hello brother Dave...sure is good to hear from you.

I was just sharing your knife with someone the other day. Bow season just started here so I hope I have many more chances to witness through your knife. I am really looking forward to this hunting season. Been watching the hunting shows on TV and a lot of them take place in Iowa. One show, I think it's Adventurebound Outdoors, advertises your knives. I always think of you and it's funny we've never met but I sure do feel like we have. I guess it's the bonding of the Spirit, we do share the same Father, don't we. Anyway, I won't keep you, I know you have to be busy. I hope your health is holding up and I'll continue to pray for you and yours. Prayer is the best thing you can do for a person, so I'm sending my best... till we talk again, GOD BLESS.

"Deputy Dog"

[Webmaster John's note:  I included the full content of this email, as it is about the bonding that takes place between the knife maker and his wonderful Brothers and Sisters in Christ.  When I see this kind of interaction between people, I SEE the Love that exists, and how it so greatly influences how much care Dave takes in doing what he does. It isn't just about making great knives, but in taking the time to bond in the wonderful Christian relationships with his customers that share the Christian Faith. Furthermore, Dave takes the same care when dealing with his non-Christian brothers and sisters, in the hope that they see the Love that the Lord Jesus provides in our hearts, for ALL people and what we do with our lives and the talents given to us by our Father in Heaven!]


Yes, the knife was received on Christmas Eve. Thank you again for rushing the order so that it could be received by Christmas. Wishing you and your family a prosperous New Year.

Best Regards,
Don R.

Dave, I received my knife yesterday. 

It is wonderful! He loves it! You did an awesome job. Thank you so much. It was definitely worth the wait. 

Thanks again,



I received your knife Friday. ... The knife is beautiful, Your craftsmanship is unsurpassed. I know Gerrit will be excited and pleased. He is a big man with big hands and I think it will fit him. I have already packed it in my bag so I won't forget it. ... I may want to get a couple more for my friends for Christmas this year. 

Dave, keep using your hands as much as possible, the more you use them the sooner you will regain all the movements.

Dave thank you again so much, take care and God Bless. I will send you some pictures when I return.

Jim E.

[Webmaster John's note:  I included the part referring to Dave's physical movements with his hands. He had been afflicted with some nerve problems resulting in difficulties with accomplishing his tasks.  Yet, through his perseverance and persistence, he still made every effort to take care of his customers.  Jim's encouragement and prayers also show that strong bond between these Brothers in Christ Our Lord. I rejoice in the Lord that Dave's faith in Jesus brings him the continual strength he needs to make his customers happy!]

[Another note from the same Jim]:


I received Tee's knife today, it is beautiful. Knowing him, he will probably cry he will be so happy. I'm leaving tomorrow to go to my Mother's house in Florida for Christmas. I called him tonight and told him I would leave something in my truck for him. I think next year I will want 3 to 4 to give to some friends. I may want one to take to my guide when I go back to Africa in August. I will let you know after the first of the year.

Dave, thanks so much. Any time you are in the area feel free to come by and visit.

Have a happy holiday season!

Your friend,

Jim E.

Hi, this is Joe Fields...

Dave I received the knife (artwork better fits), and it's beautiful. I took it out of the box a piece at a time and God just began blessing me. I couldn't see all of the detail because the tears began to flow. It is just what I wanted to pass on to Joey. When other hunters see it I know they'll want a closer look. I just pray this will give me an opportunity to share the gospel with them, that was my goal in buying it...

Five years ago at the age of 35, I had 53 lymph nodes taken out when I had melanoma cancer. I was given a 5% chance to live. I was a deputy sheriff then and the sheriff gave me a full retirement, since nobody expected me to make it. I completed a year of chemo. and now thanks be to God, I'll turn 40 in August...

As I am, Dave you are a blessed man. God's grace IS sufficient. As your gift has blessed me, I pray it will bless others......

GOD bless Dave, and if you're ever in Ohio as they say, "the light' s always on"...


[Webmaster John's note:  WOW!  This testimonial wasn't just for Dave, quite obviously.  I had to take a break, as the tears started streaming down my face, and I couldn't see what I was doing!  Praise the Lord Jesus! This testimonial praising Dave, from Brother Joe F., was also a great testimony for having Faith in Jesus Christ.  It really shows that with God, all things are possible, don't ever give up hope! Keep holding on for a Miracle!  Way to go, Joe!]


[I] received the knife today and am very happy with it. You do quality work which I appreciate as it is a rare quality in today's society. I am interested in having you make me a matching knife with the other side of the antler you used for this one. I think that would be awesome. I would want everything the same except I would have you engrave the elk from just the shoulder up. ... 

I am not a knife expert as you are, but I think the elk anther worked out very nice. I like the size, color and the shape. I am positive that they would be very popular in the Rocky Mountain states. Did you hand shape the blade or do you acquire them that shape? Again, thanks for the beautiful knife and I will send you a photo of me skinning my trophy bull with it this year. It will be in September but I will not forget.



My package arrived today... it's awesome!!!! And just in time for Christmas. 

Thank you for your hard work. I'm very pleased with the results and know he will love it. Thank you again and Merry Christmas to you & your family.

Ronda L.

In a message dated 7/18/2003, Dave writes:

Hello , Just a quick note to check on your knives arriving ok. Please send a short note back to let me know that they have been received..... God Bless . Thank You for Your Patronage.... Let me know if I can do anything further for you in the future, as I do discount for repeat customers.

God Bless,

Dave Davis

We got them and they are great... I know they will be well used and appreciated by many future
[last name deleted] men.

I will be sure to forward your information to anyone looking for a keepsake crafted from the hands of a Christian. 

God Bless You, 

Sam and Tres


[I] cannot tell you how happy I was to see my knife waiting at home for me when I got home from the hospital late Wednesday afternoon. They don't keep you in the hospital long. Cut 'um and sew 'um and send them on there way.
... Talk to you soon. Thanks again for your uplifting of my spirit.

God Bless and keep you safe,


Nice to hear from you again. He really loved it. In fact, all his buds did too. So, I have given them your site address & hope it brings you more orders. I really appreciate your hard work in getting it to me before Christmas. Thanks again. 

[Name unknown]

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