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Small Blades

By popular demand, these smaller blades meet the needs of the small game hunters, from upland game to small mammals and fish.  All blades are 440-C stainless cutlery steel. 

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Diamond Back - $14999

A Diamond Back

4-" x " x 1/8", overall length approximately 10".  This versatile hunter is slim and just the right size to be of use in just about any camp or field situation.  A blade that will be used and admired by its owner.  Satin brush finish, 440-C Stainless Steel blade.

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Copperhead - $10499

B Copperhead

3" x 5/8" x .080" blade, overall length approximately 8".  A gracefully designed small blade, excellent for camp duties as well as small game chores.  Includes leather sheath.

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Kiowa Hunter - $14499

C Kiowa Hunter

2" x " x 1/8" blade, overall length approximately 8".  This versatile blade has all the functional ability of a medium sized blade.  Made from 440-C Stainless Steel; satin brush finish with thumb notches on top of blade to aid in skinning and caping chores. An excellent knife for any job. Full leather sheath included.

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Apache Hunter 3-1/2" x 1-3/32" x 5/32"  440c Stainless Steel

Apache Hunter - $20499

D Apache Hunter

NEW!  3" x 1-3/32" x 5/32", overall length approximately 9" to 10".    Made from hi-polish 440-C stainless cutlery steel. You'll find this to be an excellent deer-sized knife to please anyone's sense of the right tool for the right job. Full leather sheath made from genuine cowhide leather.

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